Our Mini Boxes save $ 100 per yr electricity FOREVER All Models Load to Desktop in 10 Seconds!

Blazing Fast SSD

Our winning trifecta leaves your old desktop in the dust. Base models run Intel 5th Gen Dual Core, 4g 1600 RAM, 120g SSDs. Load Win 10 in ten seconds, open MS Word in one. Connect your 4K HDTV or twin LCDs.

Wi-Fi AC / USB 3.0

Works with standerd 2.4 GHz routers (A,B,G,N)... and new 5 GHz (AC) models. Or plug in the CAT-5 port for gigabit ethernet connectiviy. Unit includes four USB 3.0 ports and one front facing Headphone-Recorder jack.

Dual Purpose

Powerful enough for Office use... astonishingly well suited for Home Theatre. Pass over those cheap, unreliable Android boxes... Windows based Kodi runnning dual core Intel outperforms anything else on the market.

Tech Services

South Florida's PREMIER premium quality home and business services provider. We offer Virus Removal - SSD drive and CPU Upgrades - Office Networking - Custom Built Systems.

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Our skilled techs can either LOG-IN to your pc using remote access... or directly visit your location - it's YOUR decision. Remote Access pricing will always be lower than on-site.

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We build our own line of Mini Desktops. In addition, we offer off-lease HP and Dell 'business class' machines with SSD upgrade options. Our pricing beats the competition hands down.

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This section is devoted to in-house promotions. Pricing and offers can change WITHOUT notice. Most specials run three days or on specific holidays and post at our own discretion.

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One-Stop Business Solutions

Web Hosting, Wed Design, Computer RepairAlthough our more prestigous clients include Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale and Intercoastal Capital Markets, all customers, big and small are treated with the same quality service.

Don't toss out your old computer. Instead, upgrade the hard drive with a blazing fast SSD. Now you can power on to your desktop in just 10 seconds! Full SSD upgrade solutions including Win 10 are priced as low as $ 150.

If your business needs ANYTHING Information Technology related, eliminate the need to consult with several different companies... ours handles everything from A-Z... including FREE initial consultation.

We bring a personal and effective approach to every project, which is why 'OnePrimeMarket LLC' is the go-to services company for serious corporate professionals.


Service Locations

South Florida Computer RepairWhen it comes to wholesale equipment, such as custom desktop machines, mini-box computers, hardware parts or similar components, our target audience is limited to the continental United States. In cases where just remote log-in support is requested... our live technicians can run system diagnostics to determine the issues. In the best circumstances they can also perform limited software repair. Regardless, remote support may be coverd by your existing warranty or delivered at a reasonable rate for new customers.

Local computer repair, in-home client services and live technical work is limited to the tri-county South Florida area. This incorporates the entire Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach Counties. If you are in need of repair or diagnostics, you can bring your troubled equipment to our location and receive better pricing, with the bonus of zero cost for diagnostics. However, if you require on-site service and travel to your location exceeds ten miles, your first hour is $ 95 and then $50 per hour thereafter. Please note we do NOT bill in fractions of an hour.

The local areas below are billed at a flat $ 50/hour:

Our Products